Trinity Alliance is a Christian, classical, homeschooling collaborative group of families committed to supporting each other in their pursuit of educating their children in truth, goodness, and beauty, with the scholé (skoh-LAY) principle guiding our enterprise.

Scholé means “Learning from a place of rest” and is where the word school originated from.

Let’s Learn Together!

About us

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What we believe

  • We believe that each child has been specifically placed by God under their parents’ leadership and will flourish best under that devoted guidance. 
  • We believe that homeschooling parents already have their child’s best interests in mind and are the best arbiter of educational choices for their own students.
  • We believe that a Christian classical education is built on a time-tested foundation that teaches children to approach all matters of life with a principled view to seek out and extol truth.
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What we do

We bring students together for classes in Grammar, Logic & Rhetoric in the context of a community. Classes are designed under guided collaboration and include core Classical classes such as Latin and Great Books, standard classes such as Algebra and Biology, and elective classes such as swing dance and mechanics.

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What it looks like

Grammar (K-5)

One, full, delight inspired day each week to enhance the joy of learning through group classes in Latin, grammar, writing, memory work, history, science, and Reader’s Theater. Parents are deeply involved throughout the day teaching classes and working together to create a safe, warm environment for learning.

In addition to the homework assigned for our Grammar Day, we acknowledge that the subjects of math, grammar, and writing require individualized instruction from home. Parents are welcome and encouraged to collaborate on these subjects as desired during the other days of the week.

Logic (6-8) & Rhetoric (9-12)

Two days a week, students can come together for classes they need and enjoy in a community context to support higher academic learning, positive exposure to other teachers, and motivation as well as inspiration to excel for the glory of God. Special acknowledgement is given to Logic students as they become accustomed to more rigor in their studies and are learning how to approach deeper thinking, and more challenging work. Rhetoric students are given more opportunity to lead and be challenged appropriate to their age and maturity. Parents stay engaged through a variety of means: collaborative planning, teaching, grading, assisting, cleaning, events and fundraising.


One day a week, when Grammar comes on campus for their full day, all students have the opportunity to mingle and develop relationships among the various age groups. Younger students benefit from having older students to look up to, and older students benefit from taking their decisions seriously as they model maturity for the younger students. Classes are designed to encourage that mingling when possible.

On our Assembly Day, we come together to praise our Lord through song, prayer, a scholé contemplation, family show and tell and a brief Bible devotional.


Yearly events may include family picnics, Grammar history day, Logic & Rhetoric fall and spring dances, a lake day, local hikes, pizza lunches, teacher/parent appreciation, student appreciation, Christmas parties, and high school graduation.

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Who should apply

We are looking for families who want to embrace homeschooling, recognizing that each year requires flexibility and hard work to achieve the best development of their students and families. If you have a heart to homeschool classically and want to stay deeply involved in the educational decisions for your family, this may be the right alliance for you!

Want to learn more? Contact us!

Email us: info@trinityschole.com

Location: Beginning Fall 2022, Trinity Alliance’s classes will be at:

Foundation Christian Church
7800 Wonder Street
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

(f.k.a., “Antelope Road Christian Fellowship”)